Take part in Neighbours Day Aotearoa

Neighbours Day Aotearoa focuses on 10 days in March that encourage you to celebrate and connect with your neighbours. Whether the intention is big or small, it all makes a difference to build more connected and stronger neighbourhoods. Below are some ideas and ways you can take part:

Neighbours Day Aotearoa Online Workshops 2022

In the lead-up to Neighbours Day Aotearoa 2022, we’re putting on a series of free online community sessions around the themes of sharing, giving and building. This is an opportunity for us to come together to share ideas, learn, contribute, and get inspired to activate our streets, suburbs and neighbourhoods.

With the theme being Kai Connections, we’ve jotted down a few ways you and your neighbours can take part:

Build a pātaka kai (community pantry)


Make a community curbside vege garden with your neighbour


Crop swap or cook-off

Drop off some kai or fresh produce from the garden


Make a community recipe pegboard


Organise a pickling or preserving event


Share a cuppa or recipe


Share a skill (fillet a fish, make a chutney)

Host a picnic, BBQ, potluck, afternoon tea, or community breakfast

18-27 March 2022

Register your Neighbours Day Aotearoa event here 
Need advice, some tips, or event support? We have local Neighbours Day Community Connectors who can support you. Find one near you.

Still have questions? Flick us an email at: [email protected]

 Big Ideas

These are the types of activities that require a bit of planning and coordination; we recommend to start planning soon!

  • Build a community pantry (pātaka kai) 

  • Organise a community picnic 

  • See if a coffee cart will come to your street!

  • Have crop swap/garden/food swap

Community pantry/pātaka kai

Coffee cart in your street

Set up a community garden

Crop swap/garden/food swap

Check out how to set up your own community pantry/pātaka kai here https://www.patakai.co.nz/

Check out the New Lynn Spring Fling, there are loads of ideas here - you could do some of them (or even all of them!) https://vimeo.com/236325266 


Medium Size Ideas

Not as much planning would be needed and they could be organised a couple of weeks out. 

  • Lemonade stand

  • Table and chairs on the driveway  - invite people (foot traffic) to sit down for a rest 

  • Have a pool/beach party 

  • Make a special batch of preserves and label

Resting chair


We’ve printed these cute little stickers that really make homemade creations pop! Great for jams, marmalades, tomato sauce, pickles, muesli, sharing produce and much much more. 

They would be good to help wrap up baked goods or fresh produce too!

Keen to do something like this for Neighbours Day? You create and we can provide the stickers. Email [email protected] for more info

Smaller Ideas

These ideas are great if you want to take part but don’t have much time or if you decide to take part at the last minute.

  • Drop notes/postcards in Neighbours letter box 

  • Pop excess fruit/vege/flowers at top of driveway/letterbox with a free sign 

  • Make a cake and take a couple of slices to the neighbours 


Sharing excess produce