Neighbours Day FAQ’s.

When is Neighbours Day Aotearoa?


Every day is Neighbours Day! But we do choose 10 days in March to be intentional about connecting with neighbours.

Neighbours Day Aotearoa 2022 will run from 18-27 March 2022.

Kai Connections is the theme for 2022. This is about getting people to engage in all the different ways we connect over kai – growing, sharing, eating. A common denominator amongst all communities in Aotearoa is how food brings people together, so we expect to see many diverse ways that Neighbours Day Aotearoa will be celebrated in 2022!

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How do I get involved?


It can be something as simple as saying kia ora, hi, talofa, malo e lele or ni sa bula vinaka to your neighbour!

Ideas for events could include front yard BBQs, picnics, potlucks, crop swap, sharing food or recipes, helping people in their garden or cooking events.

If you’re planning on organising an event and need some inspiration, check out our event ideas page. If there’s a Community Connector in your neighbourhood, they can also offer another layer of support.


What are Neighbours Day Aotearoa Community Connectors?


Community Connectors are your go-to people for any advice, tips, or support! They are local people who have been brought in to help you and your neighbourhood hold a successful event. Find a Neighbours Day Connector in your area here.


How do I get funding to put on an event?


Check-in with your local board as some Councils or local boards offer funding to put on events. Sometimes local businesses will help out - from sausages for a BBQ to vouchers. Ask around and remember to support local as well - your local butcher is more likely to help you if they know you buy from them too! We are all in this together.

We don’t distribute funding for events but if you would like some advice on who to approach you can email us at [email protected]. We will also list local funding opportunities on our Facebook page and website as they become available.


What are the benefits of registering my event for Neighbours Day Aotearoa?


By registering your event with us, it means we can list it on our website and promote it across our social channels and newsletter. Sharing different people’s event ideas encourages others to take part too. We can also link you up with a Community Connector if there’s one in your area for event support.

No event is too small to register - some of our favourites are hearing about neighbours who bake bread for each other or share stories over a cuppa.

And every person who registers their event or intention goes in the draw to win some cool prizes. 

If we hold an event will you help advertise it?


Yes, we would love to help you promote it! We can co-host your event on Facebook or if you email us the details at [email protected] we will do a shout-out across our social channels and include it in our Neighbours Day Aotearoa newsletter.


Can I get some stuff to help me advertise my event?


Yes! We will have downloadable posters and invites available on our website as well as other bits and pieces. This will be updated over the coming weeks.


I don’t want a big party, I just want to meet a neighbour and have a cup of tea.


That is fine! Small, genuine connections are the reason for the season, as they say!

We would love it if you would register your intention or event with us, so we know how many people around Aotearoa are intentionally doing something for Neighbours Day.