Neighbours Day Aotearoa 2022

Looking for a Neighbours day event to attend near you? Check out our Neighbours Day 2022 event map. Please note, these are public events, your neighbour might be organising something near you but have opted not to share it on our website as it is only for your local community so keep an eye out in your letterbox, emails and local community notice board and Facebook pages for events near you as well.

If you wish to share your event here - please register your event with us, and choose the Yes, please share my event on the Neighbours Day Aotearoa website. Or, if you have already registered and would now like to share your event publicly then email us at [email protected]


Just a reminder around Neighbours Day Aotearoa events.

If you are putting on a private or public event, please make sure you follow the official government advice around events.

Don't forget, we have lots of options available for you to participate at all levels.

Please let us know if you have listed an event and wish to reschedule or cancel it so we can take it off our event map.